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We provide full-service outsourced HR support as well as individual HR services

Day to Day HR Management

For many clients, Bay Street HR is their HR Department. We are the day-to-day contact for employees and executives on all HR related matters.

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Performance Measurement & Management

We develop and implement effective performance measurement and management systems designed to increase employee performance and engagement. Collaboratively, these systems are created to suit your firm; rooted in the, skills, values and attributes essential to your company’s success.

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360° Feedback

Bay Street HR has extensive experience developing and implementing 360 degree feedback programs. This process effectively strengthens teamwork, increases communication and can boost overall productivity.

360 degree feedback provides a complete picture of an individual’s overall performance, drawing from a variety of sources including: peers, supervisors, clients and vendors. 360 degree feedback is ideal for partnerships and executive teams as it promotes positive partnering while removing any personal bias.

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Our expertise in industry compensation practices and trends allows us to present you a quick and comprehensive picture of the current compensation landscape.

We provide in depth services including: expert advisory support, market data, and full compensation design.

We work with you to design compensation systems and processes that directly align to your firm’s values, strategies and objectives.

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Whether you are a start-up firm, or a firm looking to revisit your existing HR structure, Bay Street HR can provide expert support.

We will work with you to design a strategic and comprehensive HR framework. This would include: the creation of guiding principles, Legislative Policies & Procedures, Employment handbooks, compensation programs, offer letters and other essential elements of organizational development.

We will continue to provide ongoing HR support that corresponds with you firms growth and evolving dynamics.

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Recruitment & Selection

Our qualified team of recruitment specialists will work with you directly to fill your vacancy with the best possible candidate.

Bay Street HR manages the full cycle recruitment process beginning with identifying the critical criteria for your role.

We employ alternative, cost effective venues for posting job descriptions and sourcing candidates in the same way an in-house HR professional would work.

Since our clients are our strategic partners, we do not charge additional signing or retention rates when a vacancy is filled. Our focus is supporting the long-term growth and success of your business.

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Board HR and Governance Consulting

Corporate governance continues to become increasingly important. Many small cap firms are faced with changing regulations and higher expectations, but do not have the internal resources to address them.

Bay Street HR can provide support and advisory services to private company boards and small cap public firms in the areas of HR committee support and board effectiveness surveys.

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Team Building

Bay Street HR has a proven track record of facilitating team building processes. We provide coaching to increase awareness and understanding of the various personality types that drive your organization. Rather than fitting everyone to the same mould, we leverage the diversity and help teams understand and embrace differences within their teams, thus improving team dynamics.

Deborah Robinson and Maha Masood are certified to implement team building sessions and provide training using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Learn More about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator by clicking on the MBTI logo below.

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Employment Standards Compliance

Employers must understand and comply with legislative regulations relating to employment.

Bay Street HR will develop and implement policies and practices that align with the objectives of the business and ensure legislative compliance.

Bay Street HR remains current on industry practices and employment standards. We ensure that your policies and procedures are aligned and updated alongside changing legislation.

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Bay Street HR provides critical support for firms when tough decisions need to be made and executed.

Offering support to managers and executives in: the strategic decision to sever employment, advising on separation packages and conducting termination meetings.

Bay Street HR carefully handles separations and designs proper severance packages to help organizations mitigate their risks associated with severing the employment relationship.

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Employee Relations

Bay Street HR can provide support to managers and employees to reconcile any conflicts that may arise relevant to: policy interruptions, performance issues, behavioural issues, communication and management change.

We offer support at the level most comfortable for your firm.

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